EXPERIENCED & CAPABILITY for International Business Field

  • Ability of International marketing strategy plan,

  • Ability of International Exhibition road-map,

  • Ability of International road-show & conferences,

  • Ability of Marketer training strategy,

  • Ability of Computer Word process, PPT etc,

  • Ability of Standard Trading English,

  • Ability of Client negotiation,

  • Ability of Basic engineering progress,

  • Ability of On-site adapter supporting,

  • Ability of Self-diagnosis, modification, finding, present, negotiation for Int’l standard agreement,

  • Consultant of KOTRA international marketing,

  • Excellent case of KOTRA Org-export,

  • Excellent case of Int’l Exhibition,

  • Ability of Int’l certificate acquirement,

  • Ability of Overseas sales network infrastructure,

  • Ability of Overseas manpower Internship infrastructure,

  • Ability of Patent, PCT efficient configuration capabilities,

  • Ability of Local civil, criminal broadcasters,

  • Ability of international broadcasters arbitration,

  • Ability of International Bid, UN, Organizations, retention bid etc.


Technology Field

  • Ability of Process Top-Down Nano technology,

  • Ability of Water Technology process,

  • Ability of Waste Water Sludge Technology & Project process,

  • Ability of Renewable Energy Technology & Project process,

  • Ability of Airless Painting, Coating Technology process,

  • Ability of Health Supplement process etc.


NANOPOMAS SYSTEM (Top-Down Nano Technology)

is the world's first and World unique Top-Down 3D' Nano Powder manufacturing process system. Nanopomas system can make all kinds of materials such as organic, inorganic, and metal to D50 up to 50nm without changing its own composition.

ELOEDE(Electro Osmosis Dehydrator)



for Sludge Watering & Water Field.


 AN AWARD-WINNING (Excellent Machine certificate) superior quality of wastewater sludge dehydrator ELODE, the world's first field-proven commercialized electro-osmosis dehydrator which treats all types of wastewater including municipal sewage, paper-mill wastewater, food wastewater, livestock wastewater, wastewater from dyeing, wastewater from painting, chemical wastewater, pit wastewater, etc. 


Since 1990, has been developing and accumulating know-how in UV exposure machine, UV curing machine, UV lamp, UV Cleaning machine includes of the various national policy well performed in collaboration with Industry+University+Research Institute. In particular, have confidence building by resolved with the best prices and technological superiority for the difficult to accurately analyze performance and maintenance improvements what the domestic Big group imported about an advanced UV exposure machine, UV curing machine and UV lamp equipment. UV exposure machine, UV curing machine, UV lamp, UV cleaner includes of various kinds of UV-related equipment and systems are being used & supplied to approximately 2,000+ manufacturing field and enterprises for each field & layer in Korea and Overseas market so far.​

Water Pumps, Dewatering Machine-Beltpress, Sludge Dryer-HYPERX

   Various kinds of Industrial Pumps heavy industries pump has been providing to the Power plant, steel Plant, Water Plant, Chemical plant sector in Korea. Especially DAP's high capacity centrifugal pumps, Fire Extinguishing pumps, Double suction volute pumps, Single suction volute pumps are already the best leading product in Korea.

     Double Belt press has been providing to Water, Dewatering sludge, wastewater treatment includes of all kinds of Water Field. 

     HyperX combined with BELT PRESS BUILTIN for new Plants, reduces the moisture level of the final sludge cake below 20wt%  guaranteed that It reduces the amount of sludge cake generated to 80% of that generated by conventional dehydrators.  HyperX+Belt Press combination system is already approved by a leading clients and those are the world’s leading big corporations for stability.

SMC Interior Ceiling tile and Latex, PU Working Gloves

     Latex, PU Coated Working gloves based in Vietnam, Have been providing to Work shop, Construction fields, Semiconductor plant process, Homeplus and most of industrial market since 1998 at reasonable price with high quality. Monthly 2mil pairs producing exporting to Poland, USA, Korea, Japan etc.

     SMC, Ceiling tile being Modern elgance Fire-resistant & eco-friendly material, has a modern design and beautiful colors that make it suitable as a ceiling material and Very spacious and beautifully apply for all buildings for Balconies in residential areas, Canopies, Apartments, Residential complexes, Offices, Bathrooms, Schools and Commercial buildings etc.