I'm Korean and Living in Seoul. Korea.
  Want to share of my 30 years accumulated know-how for the following business fields with you.

1. Waste water and Water business for Sludge dewatering, Sludge Renewable energy, Sludge Dryer system, Water pump...


2. World 1st 3D' Top-Down Nano Technology 'as is'  for all kinds of Raw materials includes of Organic or Inorganic to produce less 1um D50+ Nano powder technology,


3. UV Optical equipment use for Display, semiconductor.


4. Includes of Available for: Waste water sludge business, Renewable Energy business, Water equipment provider, Water Project Management, Interior/Exterior Ceiling tile,

Working Gloves, Overseas business Consulting, Marketing Strategy, Business Intelligence etc.

Hope you to see more detail to my business web-site.

Thank you and Happy a great of your Own-2017.


With best regards,

KIM Young Jo (Antonio KIM)

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