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Antonio KIM​


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35 years Accumulated know-how

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Professional info​



     The motivation for coming to Busan was a special coating equipment for ship-repairs & ship-building where 70% of the crowd such as HMD, Samsung, Daewoo in Geoje, Okpo, Busan and Ulsan. the beginning of my business was supplied special equipment to these big ship-building company and another one that the United States company who has unique technology transfer to Korea maker or how to assemble CKD in Korea by those who met in foreign market. All my business credit was quite steadily without a single loss and has been to run the company. From this point, have entered into machinery relationship. Created by the designers as the most honest answer to the mechanical system of quality fresh joy came through for me.


     In 1992 established as a general trading company means the most exemplary general trading company in Korea names 'Ace Korea Incorporation.' 99% of total turnover gain through export as was export-specializing growth has been substantial and chopped, and then a large range of high value-added, Jumped into the compact wastewater treatment plant sludge dewatering businesses items.


     As a result of these efforts paid the Presidential Citation Award off in 2008 from the President Lee Myung-bak’s decorations awarded, Busan 200top rank awarded of excellent company from Busan-Mayer as well, besides, SMBA Innovation Award, Excellent company of Foreign currency risk management, excellence Award of KOTRA, and many others had been awarded to maintain growth was remarkable.


     In 2008, find out the way of Export line made a contract starting at U$11mil with multinational company SIEMENS in Germany, and continued with Hungary, Poland, Russia, Austria, includes of the United Kingdom were totally U$56mil exceeding. also as an exclusive supply agreement with Veolia Water who’s the world's largest multinational groups signed an NDA with excessive MOU to establish a line of exclusive supply agreements, such as export orders in the same year was U$80mil reached.


     In the 21st century, especially in telecommunications, environment, health business is expected to be promising. Project from the beginning, Continued aggressive invested in the plant of the environment and related fields and was successful for the environment business field which was an impossible item by small and medium company capacity. It was roll-model for small and medium company marketing in Busan.


     Actively used the competent authorities of the trading members at the Korea International Trade Association, KOTRA Exhibition of branch-business-program support to expand, Furthermore Trade Insurance Corporation through various SME’s support program to replace the lack of flexibility of the collateral supporting the government to take advantage of export drive policy was to stabilize the company's operations. also Acquired the warranty statements with no-guaranteed KRW7billion from Trade insurance corporation at the same time that were able to be a catalyst for growth as well.


     In addition, Acquired International quality certification such as CE, UL, ISO, FDA and other to be established confidence for overseas buyers, SMBA approved No.1 company selected as outstanding foreign exchange risk management.


     Always to oversee the socially disadvantaged, Continued supporting what want to be something helper for children with disabilities as my mother who’s difficult environment peoples and Leukemia Children Foundation, Social Welfare Foundation, the blood donation service personnel, college scholarships and present joining with a good relationship as well. Internationally, Social responsibility continues to donate a certain amount each month to UNICEF, World Vision and practices a sharing of management. In particular, in the case of UNICEF and World Vision's domestic and international support for the underprivileged children in respect of a singular passion to become a roll model for social service.


     In continuous R&D investment, Trading company converted to the Manufacturer and Industrial Dewatering machine and Drying system was commercialized successfully can be applied to variety of waste sludge volume and reduce water content 1/5 at same energy and also reduce the environmental improvement facilities, as well as the cost of re-treatment 1/4, creating the effect of dramatically reducing the favorable reception from the developed markets in Europe export expended. Like this system is expected to contribute greater width from 2014 that has been in the ocean dumping ban ordinance passed year not only in Korea but also wide and to contribute to the economy improve the environment around the world.


     Hopefully these various my little experience-value and know-how would be shared with all of you.


                                                                                                                                Sincerely yours,


Work experience


  • 63 countries abroad, more than 500 international travel experience

  • 1 year maximum contract amount : U$56mil by KOTRA official record

  • Single contract amount : Romania EURO24mil international bidding contracts (MKE, KOTRA official record)

  • Max. contract amount of multinational corporations : SIEMENS Water Technology (current head office in the United States that CHICAGO) at U$11mil.

  • The world's first Hyper-X that lowest energy consumption, maximum drying efficiency, sludge drying system successfully commercialized.

  • The world's first Top-Down Nano technology that natural nano calcium and osteoporosis treatment, natural nutritional food commercialization, clinical tests, Rat studies demonstrate, international reports, the journal published www.acenano.co.kr

  • Primary dewatering WWTP system delivered to 43+ overseas countries, totally 800units over.

  • International Red Dot Design Award, etc.

Tastes, Exercies & Hobbies,
Education​, Religion, Social Activities
  • Drinking: 2 glass of Beer/a glass of SOJU

  • Smoking: None.

  • Hobbies: Folk guitar playing & Singing, (Singer Played for 2years in high school)

  • Exercise: Zen meditation, MTB Cycling, Fitness, etc.

  • 1998~2010: As a Christian believer in Church activities for 10 years+

  • As a deacon ministry activities (Gospel) Career for 1year

  • As a deacon ministry activities to youth group-youth instructor active career.

  • 2010’: Turned to the Buddhist from Christian by BUBJUNG monk’s Dharma.

  • 2012’: JUNGTO-Buddhism junior courses (graduation) by BEOBLYUN (seunim) monk’s Dharma.

  • 2013‘: JUNGTO-Buddha’s Dharma of the senior courses at Jungto Buddhist University (2014.3. Graduation)

  • 2013’: JUNGTO-5precept & 6baramil received (Buddhist name: BoSeung): by BEOBLYUN Master monk.

  • 2013’: JUNGTO-Buddhist priest (30 years desperator) in the course.

  • Dongnae Dharma Hall: As a Dharma leader in performing activities.

  • Blood donation activities as well.

  • RELIGION : BUDDHISM (the teachings of enlightenment) 




① AWARENESS-All Object: as is~, for the compassionate heart.

② BEHAVE-Acting philosophy: all the passion and dedication of the heart, just doing my best.

③ MIND-Pure life: like a rhinoceros's horn, as the wind does not suffer from the net but just doing without wishing mind.